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Significance of the Event


First FREE Ivory Coast Economic Exhibition (FICEE) July 6-8, 2012 Los Angeles Convention Center


RESULTS of FICEE: Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa: http://cotedivoire.abc4all.net



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00:29:33 - 00:43: 02 Burton Danet, Co-Founder, ABC4All and Adrienne Bambou Madeleine Ada: Significance of this Event for the World


Thank you very much, Dennis. We are so grateful for so many things. First of all, this is a direct message to President Alassane Ouattara from Cote d'Ivoire. We appreciate the support that has allowed this exhibition to take place. It is more than outstanding for so many reasons, but we are just going to give you a hint, right now. We appreciate Dr. Zaho. But I am now going to tell you how we met, how it came to be that we participated in the events that occurred by a quick summary.


We have the CEO of LifeFilta.com, Robin Severi, who is providing nanotechnology to end drinking of polluted water in the world. He is also empowering ABC4All to match/double all orders, contributions, donations that come in, so that half of the relief in the world will be through paid orders, and the second half will be through Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) courtesy LifeFilta.com wih matched and doubled donations not for a short period of time, but FOREVER.


Robin referred me to a potential participant with ABC4All in the country of Senegal, Africa. Following that, there was a communication that came to me from that individual, referring to me somebody named Bambou Ada. She will tell you who she really is shortly, but Bambou only lives maybe 20 minutes in a city not too far from where I am, and so Bambou actually came to visit at my location and brought her lovely, lovely daughter with her! We had this wonderful meeting for an hour, maybe 2 hours, and at the end of which, some time passed. I didn't hear much at all from Bambou. But all of a sudden I get a call saying, "We're going to have an event" through a country, not Senegal, but Cote d'Ivoire. And so then she and I not only talked on the phone, but she invited me, ABC4All Partner/Mentor Ron Ario who is from World Peace 2012 and Daniel Kirkland who is with TerraLucent.org, a nonprofit organization now partnering with ABC4All, so our 501(c)3 nonprofit designation is in place.


At any rate, as a result of that inspiring meeting that we had in the office of Dr. Zaho and the Chamber of Commerce for Cote d'Ivoire and America, I had the privilege and the honor of being invited by Bambou, and now Bambou will tell us how she happened to decide that she wanted to involved A Better Community For All in this most inspiring event. Bambou, who are you?


Bambou: Thank you very much, Mr. Burt! Just to say something about me. I was born in Senegal, Goree Island. I have been raised by a great family of 8 siblings. My dad was a mayor in Goree Island and my mom when they got married, they started traveling around the world, and my dad was in the army, French Army first of all, and they traveled to Vietnam, and I have a brother who was born there, friends, all the different countries. They have to be together and travel before they came to Senegal where I was born.


I have been raised in a very great family of siblings, cousins. On Goree Island, we were able to run barefoot, but in my deep heart, I knew that I was prepared to be outside and help the world. How I did it? I became a midwife, working at the pediatric ward in Louga in the rural area. I chose to go there even if I was at the head of the list, majon de promotion. I decided to go to the rural area to help people. I went to Europe, to France, and I learned adolescent ideology and child development, child well-being, physical and mental development. At this moment, I have been approached by Doctors Without Borders, and they sent me to Burundi. My dad asked, "Are you going to Burundi?" I said that you have Burundi and you have Somalia to choose, and he sais, "Okay let's go to Burundi." I started working as a coordinator in Burundi, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Operation Lifeline Sudan. After that, I went to Nicaragua, came back to Tanzania, with International Rescue Committee. Every time I was going to school between work, pay my own school. I learned after that information, education, and communication with Doctors Without Borders, and I specialized in STA, HIV/AIDS, Institut Fournier and WHO in Paris. I am a reproductive health advisor, too, and I continue my work with some programs, including domestic violence, working in Madagascar health clinic, HIV/AIDS clinic, working with sexual workers, creating several different programs for youth and adolescent peer educators. In my life, when I got married, I was still traveling with my husband and my daughter, and she was born in France, and we are here in Los Angeles now.


Burt: First of all, tell us who you are, what is your name? How do you want to be called? and how do we locate you?


Ok. My name is Adrienne Bambou Madeleine Ada. I am using Ada because it was the name of my dad and 3 siblings. and we are calling him Ada, and Bambou is my real name, it is a traditional name from one of my great grandmas who couldn't have a child, and my dad promised, if he had a girl, he would call her "Bambou." My name is really Bambou!


Burt: That's very helpful to understand your background and how it comes about that now you are in the Los Angeles Community area. You learn about A Better Community For All, we are referred to one another, and then we meet, how do you learn about Cote d'Ivoire event, how to you decide that you think that ABC4All should participate with this event?


As a humanitarian, as I said before, I have the humanitarian profile, and mine in my heart, and I think like a humanitarian, and I think how to help people. I already knew that I will be in the medical field. I was helping every time, even the bird that was falling, I was trying to cure them. My sister was telling me, "What are you doing?" I said I was trying to help. For me, it is very important to have access to clean water everywhere. I remember in South Sudan, we were drilling bore holes with UNICEF and that it was absolutlely hard to get water. The water was not so clean, but people have to drink it because it was the only source of water that they had. I was thinking, if we can provide clean water to everybody, everybody can drink a good water, but without paying a lot of money that will be absolutely fantastic to avoid all these diseases that we see, most in developing rural areas, where people do not have access to water, and the population that are suffering more are kids and women. Don't forget, I am a midwife, as I said. I specialize on child development and child health, meaning for me, the other population where every chance silence and they are the ones a lot of the time who suffer. With adults also. Elder people. I was thinking, we can bring this program everywhere in Africa, and President Quattara, that was the reason why, when I was approached with the Team here in Los Angeles, the Ivorian Team just to represent Senegal, I said, "Wait a minute. We can bring more countries than just Senegal," and we brought different countries like Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, we brought Kenya, we brought all these countries that were ready to come, and to be sure that we can provide clean water to all these countries and to be unified, like Africa we need to start today to be really unified and try to work for ourselves, to be sure that tomorrow, how kids will have the better life because they deserve it. We bring them in this world, we have to provide the best that we can.


Burt: That is a beautiful, beautiful explanation. Thank you so much. I think you can understand that the inspiration that this event represents is going to allow us now to implement what we know is possible to do in this world. We can end the drinking of polluted water with your help. Each one of us has to care.


ABC4All shares. ABC4All cares. YOU decide!TM


The opportunity is here. We are now going to focus on the country of Cote d'Ivoire thanks to this inspiring event, other countries in Africa, all of Africa, any world location where support will emerge. That's all that's needed, cooperation, collaboration. Everything is in place. We take Step 1 - we restore the ability to drink the most polluted water in the world, put it through the filters of LifeFilta.com which are portable, easy to get to locations anywhere in the world, and we will and we will stop people from getting sick and dying.


Each one of us has to care. Bambou cares. That is her mission. This is what we can facilitate. We will follow up Step1 with Step 2 which is that we will enhance the quality of the waters so that we also not only provide hydration, what people need in order to be able to sustain themselves in living, but then to improve health maintenance. We will bring advanced technologies for water to countries like Pakistan where there is Dengue Fever, like Haiti where there is cholera, and many other countries where there are panendemics and other diseases and difficulties that we can actually assist with. So it's a matter of the kind of support that you can provide, and Cote d'Ivoire has started the ball rolling, and if Cote d'Ivoire can do this, can another country do it? Is there any country in the world that can't do this?


This is a free event. The booth was provided FREE. There were no charges to anyone for admission or for the booth. This incredible opportunity is the most wonderful and historic opportunity the world has seen, and we have to thank Bambou for making this possible. We thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.


Bambou: Thank you very much for being here with us and for responding to this event. Merci beaucoup a la communite Ivoirienne. Merci beaucoup a Son Excellence le  President Ouattara et merci beaucoup Madame Ouattara, nous esperons vous voir aux Etats Unis, je sais que vous venez bientot. Je me ferais un plaisir de venir pour discutez avec vous de certain projets de l'enfance. Un grand plaisir.


Thank you so much for inviting me here.


Burt: We certainly appreciate it, and Dennis Matthews will now come over and get out from behind the camera and he will once again tell us how grateful we all are for being able to make this possible with his incredible technology. We are going to put a powerpoint presentation on our site called the ABC4All World Wide Network (AWWN). thanks to Dennis Matthews.


00:43:03 - 00:43:54 Dennis Matthews


Dennis: This has been a very informative meeting here at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We are hoping to promote the Ivory Coast into all the different part of the United States and the water to help people support to look for a better life in the United States and also within the countries of Africa. This is Dennis Matthews. Hope you are having a great time. Thank you.


Burt: Thank you, Dennis.






Thank you very much!



00:43:55 - 00:47:17 Robert Chew, Co-Founder, ABC4All and Claude Loggins







The video of the morning conference with all keynote speakers has been uploaded including that of Honorable Daouda Diabate, Ambassador of Embassy of Cote d Ivoire and General Delegate Inza Camera also Dr. Claude N. Zaho JD, Ph.D., President, Greater Los Angeles Ivorian American Chamber of Commerce (GLACIACC) and ABC4All Partner/Mentor Ron Ario, WORLD PEACE 2012, as pay per view:


Cost: $4.99 (benefiting ABC4All / TerraLucent (501(c)3 registered nonprofit) programs for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)! Every Day is GHRD™


This video will be available to watch by anyone at anytime for 4 months (November 6, 2012).





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