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Technology for Every Inch of Africa

First FREE Ivory Coast Economic Exhibition (FICEE) July 6-8, 2012 Los Angeles Convention Center


RESULTS of FICEE: Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa: http://cotedivoire.abc4all.net




47 minutes 17 seconds



00:17:26 - 00:18:30 Dennis Matthews: Bringing technology to "every inch of Africa."


I just want to say something as an African-American. I want to welcome my African brothers here. We hope that as African-Americans we can bring back our technology to Africa. We have worked hard here in the United States and not just only to one country, but we want to try bring it into the Continent of Africa. There are a lot of African-Americans who really admire and really appreciate Africa itself as a whole, and having Ivory Coast here is a blessing. We are developing technology to be able to bridge the Continent of Africa so there will be telemedicine, telehealth, cure AIDS, bringing about awareness to connect the Continent with the United States and other countries. So, as an African-American, I welcome my brothers here, and thank you so much.


00:18:36 - 00:18:58 Presentation of World Intercom Technologies Business Plan to the Delegation


This is a document that outlines a bridging between the United States and our technology to be able to connect.


00:19:00 - 00:20:04 Honorable Daouda Diabate, Ambassador of Embassy of Cote d'Ivoire to USA (French)


00:20:05 - 00:20:40 Alex Ayzin commending the Delegation on behalf of his country of Russia




I want to thank you for all of that. Really, nothing comes easy, but you are all here together, and that is just a lesson for the entire world. Thank you, from the Russian Community!


00:20:03 - 00:22:02 Dennis Matthews: Description of the Technology (49 satellites covering the globe)


I am an inventor and electronics inventor and directly relationships with the biggest satellite company in the world. To close the digital divide between Africa and the United States, we have designed this product, to be able to go on the Internet and live webcast events, video teleconferencing, and also act as an international PC system. You can contact me, Dennis Matthews, 1-949-394-3221 in the United States. My email is Dennis@LCENB.com. My website is www.lcenb.com. My other capability website is www.worldintercometechnologies.com. Thank you very much. Dennis Matthews, have a great day!



00:22:03 - 00:27:04 The Booths


00:27:05 - 00:27:54 Patricia Delaere, Administrator Salon de la Cote D'Ivoire (French)


00:27:55 - 00:29:23 The Booths





The video of the morning conference with all keynote speakers has been uploaded including that of Honorable Daouda Diabate, Ambassador of Embassy of Cote d Ivoire and General Delegate Inza Camera also Dr. Claude N. Zaho JD, Ph.D., President, Greater Los Angeles Ivorian American Chamber of Commerce (GLACIACC), as pay per view:


Cost: $4.99 (benefiting ABC4All programs for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)! Every Day is GHRD™


This video will be available to watch by anyone at anytime for 4 months (November 6, 2012). www.worldintercomtechnologies.com




You can watch preview videos including a video about Cote d'Ivoire and any or all of a collection of videos from WorldTV's ABC4All Channel! http://worldtv.com/abc4all/